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Why Choose Us

We care about your child and put a priority on providing a well-rounded programme that fuels each child’s creativity, passion for learning and love towards humanity.


Nurturing creative, cooperative and compassionate learners by challenging minds and encouraging individuality.


Little Hands is a nurturing, supportive community, committed to educating the whole child. We provide a solid academic foundation built on encouraging creative thinking, fostering an individualistic passion for learning and showing compassion at all times.

Values/What We Stand For

Relations- Building relationships and character on love, respect, equality and compassion
Individuality- Strive to encourage unique talents that lie within each child
Creative resolve/ Solutions- Empower children to channel problem solving through creativity


Our team is made up of accessible, dedicated and experienced professionals who make it their priority to ensure that your child feels at home in school. Staff create stimulating experiences that expose your child to the world of self-paced learning in an engaging and enjoyable way.

Allied to this, we firmly believe that education is a partnership between home and school. We regard you as an active partner in your child’s education and thus encourage an open-dialogue of support and co-operation in making your child’s time at Little Hands enjoyable.

Happy children and happy parents are at the heart of our mission!